The goal of Elite FT Sports Performance programs is to teach boys and girls of all ages, sport choice and skill level proper running mechanics and strength techniques to gain more overall speed and power. Whether they want to become explosive on the playing field, stay active while having fun, or just enjoy a group kids fitness class geared specifically to them, our athletes build the foundation for a healthy lifestyle that positively impacts their physical, mental and emotional well-being.


Ages 13+

Until now, the classes and camps you attended were just the warm up for the next era of sports training. Elite FT’s high-intensity coaching for elite athletes ages 13 and older helps players meet the demands of their sport and push themselves to a higher level. Our athlete training includes sport-specific, age-appropriate strength conditioning, speed drills, agility coaching, and fitness classes that fuel each player’s confidence and fast-tracks their skills. In-season and off-season training is available for athletes in a variety of sports, such as baseball, basketball, field hockey, football, lacrosse, soccer, softball, and many others!


Ages 10-13

Elite FT’s Sports Performance coaching helps turn recreational players ages 10+ into athletes ready for school or specialty sports by equipping them with the skills to run faster, throw harder and sharpen their agility. Elite FT teams up field-proven tactics with pro-level strength and conditioning training to scale dynamic programs to each player’s age, skill and sport, helping younger athletes are prepared to take the next step to greatness.

sports performance training

Ages 8-9

Not every athlete is involved in a competitive sport. Many just want to live a healthy, active life while building their strength, speed and self-esteem. Elite FT’s Sports Performance brings players from different sports together with non-athletes to benefit from fun, age-specific training that’s ideal for every fitness level. With our Elite Membership program, your athlete can attend unlimited kids fitness training classes in Glen Carbon and O’Fallon for just $80 a month.

Sports performance CAMPS

Our six-week Sports Performance Camps for both boys and girls focus on speed, agility, body awareness, coordination, balance, and body weight movements, progressing into basic weightlifting movements. These fun, immersive and inclusive kids fitness training camps are designed for athletes who want to gain a competitive edge in their chosen sport and non-athletes who want to unleash their potential when it comes to their overall fitness. No experience is necessary to attend.

Join Our Elite

Membership Program!

If your child can’t get enough sports performance, we’ve created a program just for them! As an Elite Member, your athlete can attend unlimited sports performance classes all year for $80-100 a month, depending on the program. Additional benefits include:

Sports Performance:

Seasonal Programs

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