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THE PREMIER Youth Sports Training Program in the Metro East

Since 2002, Elite FT has trained and empowered athletes of all ages.

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It’s Never Too Early to Get in the Game!

Elite FT is committed to your athlete’s success from the moment they lace up their first pair of cleats! Our fun, fast-paced kids’ soccer and fitness classes start with the fundamentals for players as young as 2 and progressively build on their skills over the years to help them reach elite status in high school, college and the pros. Throughout their journey, players are cheered on every step, pass and kick along the way by our experienced trainers and coaches – many of whom started as preschoolers at Elite FT themselves!

Our goal at Elite FT is to ignite the potential in every athlete with a dream and the drive.


Elite FT has provided age-specific training to thousands of athletes in a wide range of sports – from soccer and football to baseball, basketball  and more – since 2002. As one of the premier training facilities in St. Louis and the Metro East, we’re dedicated to meeting every player where they’re at and guiding them to the next level.

Bosco’s Buddies

Kick Start Your Kids’ Love of Soccer!

Geared for kids ages 2-6, our Bosco’s Buddies classes and camps teach your future superstar basic soccer fundamentals while focusing on socialization, sportsmanship and FUN!

Soccer Programs & Training

Rec camps to specialized training for kids 6+

Greatness starts at Elite FT! We offer a full lineup of kids’ recreational and select soccer programs for younger players, as well as group conditioning and advanced technical training for experienced athletes.

Elite Sports Training

training for serious athletes ages 13+

Elite FT trains the premier athlete to stand up to the physical demands of their sport, build strength and agility, and reduce the risk of injury with coaching techniques tailored specifically to their needs.

Sports Performance Training

fitness training for kids ages 8+

Open to athletes and non-athletes alike, Elite FT’s Sports Performance helps kids stay active year-round while boosting their strength, speed and confidence at each 55 minute class.


The goal of our Training Programs is to encourage players/teams/clubs to go above and beyond the normal athlete. Everyone has their normal team training. Then why are some players and teams better than others? It’s not a secret…hard work!  They put in the extra time that it takes to become….ELITE! 

Join Our Elite

Membership Program!

If your child can’t get enough soccer or sports performance, we’ve created a program just for them! As an Elite Member, your athlete can attend unlimited soccer or sports performance classes all year for $60-100 a month, depending on the program. Additional benefits include:


Sports Performance:

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