Success is a Result of Our Trainers

Elite FT understands that good training and coaching, especially at young ages, directly impacts a child’s experience in the game. Their view of the game is shaped, in no small part, by the trainer or coach. Good training instills love and passion for the game. We believe to “teach them how to play now, they will learn how to win later.”

The success of Elite FT is a direct result of its quality, professional training staff. All Elite FT Trainers are Confident. Disciplined. Elite. As a result, our athletes become Confident. Disciplined. Elite. At all Elite FT training sessions, our staff creates an environment in which athletes must be disciplined and focus the entire session.  In this way, athletes maximize their potential and gain a large amount of confidence, getting them one step closer to becoming elite.

“Our mission is to provide an educational and fun environment where our Elite FT trainers can instruct and challenge young athletes, helping them become Confident, Disciplined, Elite athletes.”
Justin McMillian

Owner/Executive Director, Elite FT

The Elite FT Training Philosophy

Be Confident.
Athletes must believe in themselves in order to succeed. Confidence can be gained in different ways. But, going above and beyond the ‘average athlete’ (practicing and competing) is a sure way to gain confidence. Athletes who put in the extra time at elite sessions will feel better about themselves on and off the field.
Be Disciplined.
Athletes must be willing to put in the extra time and hard work to be successful. Elite FT Trainers create a disciplined environment at every session. Athletes will connect every training session to their goals to grow their passion for becoming a hard-working, intense, disciplined, elite athlete.
Be Elite.
Elite FT’s goal is to create elite athletes. Our staff creates a training environment so our athletes increase confidence, discipline and skill level. Through technical work and repetition, athletes improve in skill. Along with the mental aspects of training, athletes must have a high level of technical skill.

Be Confident. Be Disciplined. Be Elite.