Faster & More Agile Players Have a Distinct Advantage

Regardless of the sport, speed and agility can be developed and enhanced. The key to improving speed is following a systematical and disciplined approach. By focusing on proper technique, body control, and strengthening exercises the athletes will greatly improve their running ability and mechanics. We follow proven methods and the latest research at Elite FT! With our training and hard work, athletes will become much faster and more agile!

About Our 6 Week Program

Speed & Agility 6 Week Program

Program Cost: $65 – $100 Monthly

About Our 6 Week Program

Where & When

Our classes meet 55 minutes a week for 6 weeks (Lil Boscos is 40 minutes). Training is held in Columbia, Glen Carbon and O'Fallon year round (Highland and Belleville in the winter only). We offer seven, 6 Week Training Programs sessions for your athlete throughout the year. VISIT OUR WHERE N WHEN PAGE for full details.

New Program Memberships

We’ve rebuilt our programs to offer more to the kids and make things easier for parents! All you need to do sign-up once and and then pay a monthly fee for our new membership. It works like Netflix, except your athlete can play all the soccer they want, rather than watch TV. 6 Week Program Members enjoy special events and training sessions. You can still purchase a single 6 Week Program if you wish.

Increase Skill & Peformance

Our programs improve skill, speed and confidence. These qualities are beneficial in any sport!

Our Training Approach

Sports training often becomes too serious! We are serious but also promote a FUN and POSITIVE environment. The sessions are well structured and include games, fun drills that help athletes learn and improve!

Our Trainers

Elite FT Director’s and Trainer’s receive ongoing education on Elite FT’s training philosophy, The Elite Way! Our staff is the most professional, charismatic trainers you’ll meet -- and they are great at learning names. They love working with all ages and make sure everyone is improving.

Proven Training Approaches

Our training approaches are based on most up-to-date research and methods to maximize results.


Speed & Agility (Ages 8-12; 13+)

Kids Speed & Agility Training focuses on running technique and fitness. This program improves athlete speed, overall performance and self-confidence. Our approach based on most up-to-date research. We will emphasize the leg cycle to improve stride frequency, stability and proper foot contact to the ground. At this beginning level, participants will break a sweat, but will most likely not be exhausted by the end of the workout.

Program Cost: $105


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