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I don't understand the different topics of the day?

We offer specific topics of the day to allow you to register for exactly what you want. For example, in the 6-9 age group we have 2 different programs: Footspeed & Agility along with Conditioning 4 Kids. For a 2 month period, Footspeed & Agility will be taught on certain nights while C4K will be taught on the other nights. After the 2 month  period the nights each program is taught will swap. Every session begins with a formed running warm-up and ends with a tough workout. In the middle of the session is when we focus on these topics.

What is a Formed Running Warm-Up?

Our warm-ups  accomplish 3 things: first they warm the athletes up. Next, our staff will be teaching proper running form during the warm up and finally the athletes will begin to sweat. Making for a perfect warm up.

What is the workout like at the end of every session?

At the end of every session we will have some sort of workout. An example might be for 8 minutes the athlete will run 100 yards, do 5 push ups, 7 sit ups and 9 squats and then repeat. Our trainers will monitor their form during the workout while also motivating them to give their best.

How Many Girls and Boys are in Each Class?

All classes are coed. There are 8-12 athletes per trainer.


How Long Is a Session?

Sessions are 55 minutes

What Should My Child Wear?

Your child should wear comfortable/athletic-type clothing so they can move freely. Indoors at The Sports Academy and outdoors in O’Fallon at the Sports Park we are on turf so we recommend wearing cleats or tennis shoes. Indoors in O’Fallon we are on a gym floor so we recommend tennis shoes.

NO metal cleats or studs allowed.

Should We Check-In at Registration Each Week?

Yes, please register and check-in at every session.


Can I Register My Child After a Program as Started?

Yes, you can register and start anytime. You can purchase a membership or a 1, 6 or 12 session punch card and start when you’re ready.


What Training do Your Coaches Receive?

To ensure the best experience for our program participants, staff training is our top priority. Our ongoing staff education program is called The Elite Way! This program is designed to ensure our entire staff is engaged in identical training methods and philosophies. It creates a training style similar to the KNVB (coach’s education program in Holland). In our program, all coaches teach the same style, so regardless of which trainer is on the field, they are teaching The Elite Way!


If we sign up with a friend or as a team can we all train together?

Yes. You can request to be placed in the same group in our classes. Encourage your child to remind our trainer. We also offer team training. Please visit our Private Sports Training page.


What is Your Policy Regarding Children With Special Needs?

Children with special needs are always welcomed in our program. as long as we are equipped to assist them accordingly. Please contact your our Administrative Director for more information, info@eliteft.com.


Should We Wear Our Free Shirt Each Week?

Yes, please. We would like your child to wear it each week.


Do You Offer Private Training?

Yes. For times and locations, please visit our Private Sports Training page. 


Can My Athlete Attend More Than Once a Week?

Yes. If you have a membership you can and should attend all sessions in all locations. If you purchase a punch card you can also attend anytime and anywhere you want. 

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