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In Every Class

All speed classes are designed to be educational, fun and challenging. Every class will begin with a formed running warm-up which does exactly that, warm up the athletes while teaching proper running form (using arms, driving knees and more) all while making them sweat. Every class will end with a workout to make the athletes tired. This will include any or all of the following, sprints, burpees, push-ups, jumping jacks, sit-ups, bear crawls, planks, etc. In between the warm-up and workout will be the Topic of the Day.

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Footspeed & Agilty

In this program, after the formed running warm-up and before the workout, we will focus on the Topic of the Day which is footspeed and agility. For footspeed the athletes will work on improving the quickness of their feet in short spaces. A speed ladder is a great example of what will be taught in this course. For agility, we will teach the athletes how to properly change directions moving forward backward and laterally. A game like freeze tag is a great example in this program. The kids will have fun, while being challenged.

Conditioning 4 Kids

In this program, we focus on FUN conditioning drills to improve their overall fitness. This program improves conditioning, running technique, and self-confidence. Our approach is based on the most up-to-date research. We will emphasize keeping the kids moving and having fun! At the end of the session, if your young athlete worked hard, they will be sweating and smiling

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