I love working with EliteFT.  They are consistently professional and organized.  I know that my athletes are going to be pushed by qualified trainers to maximize their physical abilities using proper technique.  I also appreciate that they have always been flexible to develop a training program that is specifically designed to meet the goals that our girls soccer program has.
Justin Judiscak

OTHS Girls Soccer Coach

While our soccer team has been successful, we are always looking at ways in which to improve our program.  Two years ago, my booster club president reviewed additional offerings to our athletes and tabled the idea of utilizing Elite FT for a fitness and flexibility program.  Immediately, I realized  the potential benefits to our soccer players.  The idea is to make our athletes stronger, more flexible, and increase their overall fitness and endurance.  To that point,  I feel that the program can increase a players confidence and makes inroads into injury prevention.  This will be our third year with Elite FT and we hope to keep this program available to our athlete for many future years.

Mark Heiderscheid

Varsity Boys Soccer Coach, Edwardsville High School


My daughter and I have enjoyed the classes on Wednesday night at 6:30. We look forward to continuing training and coming each week. Your staff and facility are wonderful!

Kathy Smith

Our preseason strength and conditioning program with Elite FT could not have gone any better. My players are already seeing the results from their hard work pay off on the field. We look faster and stronger on the ball this year more than we have in my previous two years with Alton High School. 

Jeff Hayes

Former Varsity Girls Coach, Alton High School

I went to my lifelong friend Justin McMillian, owner of Elite FT, 4mos after having ACL replacement surgery and asked him to help me both rehab my knee and improve my overall fitness level.  Justin introduced me to Crystal Gedris and she has been one of the best things that has happened to me at the absolute lowest point in my life from an overall fitness standpoint.  Crystal has designed workouts for me that focus on my range of motion and building up strength in my legs, but also helping me build strength back up in my entire body.  Crystal and I have become friends.  I think she understands me very well.  She always listens to me, she challenges me, checks on me, and I can tell is really rooting for me to obtain my fitness goals.  Anyone who asks me if I have lost some weight I say I don’t know because I don’t ever weigh myself, but if you want to start a real fitness program you need to talk to my girl Crystal, because she is really good!  

Darrin Compton

I feel like we were more prepared physically for our fall season than we had been in previous years.  One of the main reasons we were able to hold up with the physical demands of the 10 week period was our preseason practices.  In the summer leading up to the fall season, Elite FT conducted 4 week and 8 week strength & conditioning sessions for our players and physically most of the players were better prepared to deal with the rigorous demands of the high school season.  Coach Trent and his staff did a wonderful job of preparing the boys for the season.

Jason Turkington

Varsity Boys Soccer Coach, O'Fallon Township High School High School

Elite FT gave my girls the strength and confidence of the highest level coming into the girls soccer season.  The players fitness levels during the first week of the season was the best myself and my staff have seen at CHS. The CHS Soccer Program has experienced quicker recovery times than ever before due to the intense workout sessions provided by Elite FT!

Clay Smith

Boys and Girls High School Soccer Coach, Collinsville High School

Thank you for all that Elite FT does; not only teaching soccer skills but building self confidence. I am so glad as a parent that they are all such great leaders and teachers.

Jenn Hagedorn

We would also like to give a special thank you to Coach Kenny and Coach David. Coach David took our son under his wing and helped him to get started and make it fun for him during speed and agility. It takes a special coach to get a child excited to go out and exercise! Our private lessons with Coach Kenny were some of Owens favorite times on the soccer field. He absolutely loved training with Coach Kenny. Thank you both for caring for our son and helping him grow in his soccer development.

Heather Grudzien