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About Our 6 Week Program

Soccer 6 Week Program

Program Cost: $40 – $100 Monthly

About Our 6 Week Program

Where & When

Our classes meet 55 minutes a week for 6 weeks (Lil Boscos is 40 minutes). Training is held in Columbia, Glen Carbon and O'Fallon year round (Highland and Belleville in the winter only). We offer seven, 6 Week Training Programs sessions for your athlete throughout the year. VISIT OUR WHERE N WHEN PAGE for full details.

New Program Memberships

We’ve rebuilt our programs to offer more to the kids and make things easier for parents! All you need to do sign-up once and and then pay a monthly fee for our new membership. It works like Netflix, except your athlete can play all the soccer they want, rather than watch TV. 6 Week Program Members enjoy special events and training sessions. You can still purchase a single 6 Week Program if you wish.

Increase Skill & Peformance

Our programs improve skill, speed and confidence. These qualities are beneficial in any sport!

Our Training Approach

Sports training often becomes too serious! We are serious but also promote a FUN and POSITIVE environment. The sessions are well structured and include games, fun drills that help athletes learn and improve!

Our Trainers

Elite FT Director’s and Trainer’s receive ongoing education on Elite FT’s training philosophy, The Elite Way! Our staff is the most professional, charismatic trainers you’ll meet -- and they are great at learning names. They love working with all ages and make sure everyone is improving.

Proven Training Approaches

Our training approaches are based on most up-to-date research and methods to maximize results.

EFT Stars (ages 8-14) - DATES of Specialty Camps

Our 6 Week Programs for ages 7+ are taught with a particular training topic for each of 6 weeks. The programs rotate year round to help you improve your overall game.

SPRING 1 – Defending and Tackling
SPRING 2 – Ball Mastery
SUMMER 1 – Moves and 1v1 Battles
SUMMER 2 – 1st Touch and Possession
FALL 1 – Defending and Tackling
WINTER 1 – Ball Mastery
WINTER 2 – Moves and 1v1 Battles

Goalkeeping Training (ages 8-10; 11+)

Our Goalkeeper trainers provide developmental training for both the mental and physical aspects of the keeper position. Our trainers teach proper fundamentals of getting set, diving correctly, developing softer hands, punting the ball, becoming quicker and proper footwork. Tactically, we teach positional awareness and help keepers realize the confidence to challenge breakaways.

Program Cost: $105

Club Players (ages 8-14)

In this program designed specifically for club players, the campers will participate in a progressive training session focused on the topic above. Players will learn the proper techniques without pressure and as the session continues, they will be put into pressure and decision making situations. The session will always finish in a low number game like situation.

*Must play on a team that currently competes in SLYSA, SISL or SLSG In-House League, no exceptions
**7 year olds can join this program as long as they play on a team in one of these leagues, no exceptions for 6 year olds

Program Cost: $105

EFT Stars (ages 8-14) - DESCRIPTION of Specialty Camps

Our 6 Week Programs for ages 7+ are taught with a particular training topic for each of 6 weeks. The programs rotate year round to help you improve your overall game.

Defending and Tackling – Teaches the players the correct footwork and body positioning to properly time their tackles. Players will increase their defending patience in 1v1 situations and improve their decision making abilities after winning the ball back for their team.

Ball Mastery – Enhances players’ confidence on the ball. Players will be challenged to use all parts of both feet to control the ball and feel comfortable with the ball in difficult game situations.

Moves and 1v1 Battles – Develops players to be dynamic with the ball and their body to get past defenders and create chances for their team. Players will master 2-3 moves, with multiple variations, and feel confident performing moves early to get past defenders.

1st Touch and Possession – Challenges players to think and play faster as they improve their first touch and decision making skills. Players will be encouraged to move their first touch into space and complete properly weighted passes to their open teammates.

Recreational Players (ages 8-14)

In this program designed specifically for recreational players, the campers will start the session with 15 minutes of footskills. We will then progress to the topic of this programs 6 week course (see above). Finally, we will always finish with a game to goals!

Program Cost: $105

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