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We were looking for fun, physical activity for our 9 year old daughter, something that would keep her active and give her an opportunity to socialize with peers.  The Kids Fit classes were the perfect solution. From the first class, all the instructors have been so welcoming and encouraging. It has given her the opportunity to challenge herself and try new things.  Not only is our daughter involved in a great kids fitness program but she is also having fun making new friends.  She was having such a great time with the classes that I decided to try out the Functional Fitness and Bootcamp Classes at the Annex for myself!

Jennifer Beechler

Mom of 2

Abby and Sammy have been working with Crystal and Courtney for almost 2 months and they have achieved great results in such a short time.  They both feel much stronger and healthier and have noticed improvement with their speed during soccer.  Both Crystal and Courtney are easy going, friendly and make each workout fun for the girls.  Each workout is challenging and is evident by how sore each girl is after a workout.  They place great emphasis on using correct form and pushing them to work a little harder each time. It is also great that the girls can work at their own pace and don’t feel pressured to “rush through” workouts so that they can finish at the same time.  I highly recommend this program for your student athlete!  

Amanda Kourinos

Mom of 2

kIDS FIT (Age 6-9)

For our young athletes and children who are just looking for a fitness program, our Kids Fit program is a great start to fitness!  This program will build confidence, self esteem, coordination, and balance.  Our coaches will teach kids about body mechanics (body control), running technique, and body weight movements in a FUN environment, but have them feeling like they worked HARD and leaving TIRED!


  • Work ethic
  • Supportive & positive atmosphere
  • Learning body awareness
  • Gross motor skills


  • Training & terminology
  • Proper form for all body weight movements
  • Flexibility
  • Reducing the likelihood of injury
  • Weight loss
  • Building a foundation for a healthy lifestyle


  • Athletic development for athletes
  • Motor skills and movement patterns
  • Core strength
  • Strength & resistanct training foundations
  • Speed, agility, coordination, balance, and conditioning

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Our Sports Performance Program focuses more on athletic development incorporating more speed, power, and strength.  Our coaches will focus on safety and proper form, building endurance, and improving strength and speed.  In this program we want to build a passion for working out & training whether your child is planning to continue athletics or they want to make fitness a priority in their life.


  • Increase agility, change of direction, and acceleration
  • Plyometrics
  • Introduction to weightlifting movements that focus on power (light weights & PVC pipes will be used)


  • Expand on body weight movements
  • Progress into lifting and strength with safety as our number one priority
  • More explosive movements
  • Increase core strength


  • Teaching injury prevention
  • Increased development of coordination, balance, and strength
  • Increase in conditioning and capacity
  • Flexibility and mobility 

The goal of this program is to fully mentally and physically prepare them for the 13+ age group

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This program has an overlap with our age group of 10-13 because we recognize that not all 13 year olds are ready for some of the things this program offers.

Our Elite Performance Program focuses on high-level speed, agility, power, and strength.  Our coaches want to help you children build a passion for working out and training throughout their life whether they continue sports after high school and college or just want to stay fit throughout their adult life.


  • More demand for perfection on agility, change of direction, and acceleration exercises
  • More demand for perfection on plyometric movements
  • Introduction to olympic lifting movements that build power


  • Increased proficiency of weightlifting
  • Technique focus on olympic lifting
  • Increased expectation on explosive movements
  • Focus on core strength to improve lifting, power, and speed


  • Teaching injury prevention
  • Higher level of coordination, balance, and strength
  • Higher level of conditioning and capacity
  • Increased knowledge of flexibility and mobility

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