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I’m extremely satisfied with the strength and agility training my son is receiving through Elite FT and their programs. Justin’s team of trainers and specifically Crystal, do an outstanding job of coaching and teaching proper technique with a personally designed program.  The level of attention is second to none.  My son has seen marked improvement in both strength and agility and I highly recommend them for this type training.
Jeff Larner

I have two daughters in kids fit one is 14 and the other is 10 and they both love it so much! Even though they are at different age groups it works out so well for both of them.  The workouts are fun and keep them motivated to keep going back! I’ve put them both in every activity over the years from soccer, to softball, to tumbling and dance, but this is by far the best thing they’ve ever been involved in that they are eager and excited to go to 4 nights a week.

Susan Cochran

Strength ‘N Speed Camps

Strength ‘N Speed Classes


Our Mission

“To teach boys and girls of all ages, sports and skill level, proper running mechanics along with strength technique to gain more overall speed and strength, becoming explosive.”

Our Story

In the spring of 2020, the world experienced the Coronavirus pandemic. The world closed its doors for quite some time, but it allowed people to take a break from their busy schedules. Elite FT was given the opportunity to examine our company and find ways to improve the programs we offer to the soccer and fitness community. We discovered that we needed to find a way to offer our speed programs and gym/strength programs to more athletes! 

We began a market research project and found that our customers loved both programs, BUT…

  • Busy schedule was a major issue
  • Athletes want both speed training AND strength training
  • Athletes did not want to come and ‘just run’ or ‘just lift weights’

Instead, the things they liked were…

  • Our coaches focusing on proper technique
  • The programs being open to athletes of all sports so they meet and train new people
  • Proper safety guidelines 

Therefore, in the summer of 2020 we made the decision to create a new company, combining both programs, called Strength n Speed powered by Elite FT so athletes may come to age-specific training and get the best of both worlds: Strength AND Speed in ONE hour!