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Soccer is about playing and having fun.

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Visit Practice Info for options to make up missed sessions.
Games this weekend are a bit earlier due to Superbowl. Be sure to click the tabs at the bottom for different age groups.
Belleville Family Sportsplex, 2346 Mascoutah Ave, Belleville, IL 62220
We are on turf that is similar to grass so wear the same shoes you would wear for outdoor soccer.

Session #2 Practice Info
  • Practices started the week of January 20
  • Practices are 50 minutes.


Tuesday: 5:30-6:20pm or Friday: 5:30-6:20pm
Tuesday: 5:30-6:20pm or Wednesday: 5:30-6:20pm or 6:20-7:10pm or Friday: 6:20-7:10pm
Tuesday: 6:20-7:10pm or Wednesday: 5:30-6:20pm or Friday: 6:20-7:10pm
Wednesday: 6:20-7:10pm or Friday: 5:30-6:20pm
High School Wednesday: 7:10-8:00pm



Session #2 Game Info


*Be sure to click the tab at the bottom for different age groups

  • We keep score on the field but there is no scoreboard and we do not post standings as this is an instructional league
  • All games are on Fridays or Sundays. If you practice on Friday then your game will always be on Sunday
  • On Fridays, the games will start after practices
  • On Sundays, the games will start at 12:30pm with PreK/K and progress by age through the day. Number of players/teams who register will dictate the times of games
  • All practices and games are indoors at 2346 Mascoutah Ave, Belleville, IL 62220
  • Games are (2) 20 minute halves



Dates for Session #2


  • Week 1 – Jan 20-26
  • Week 2 – Jan 27-Feb 2
  • Week 3 – Feb 3-9
  • Week 4 – Feb 10-16
  • Week 5 – Feb 17-23
  • Week 6 – Feb 24-Mar 1
  • Week 7 – Mar 2-8
  • Week 8 – Mar 9-15


Session #2 - About the Program

2019-20 RTL (Recreational Training League) is a co-ed soccer program for beginners and recreational players Pre-K through 12th grade looking to be a part of a team, learn new skills, and have fun with friends. Sign up your child and we will put them on a team! You can request to be on the same team with up to two friends. Players will practice once a week and play one game per weekend. All practices and games will be coached  by our licensed Elite Trainers!

  • Practices start the week of January 20th
  • The program cost is $170
  • We provide each player with a team jersey
  • Program includes 8 practices and 8 games
  • Practices and games will be indoors at Family Sportsplex, 2346 Mascoutah Ave, Belleville, IL 62220
  • Sign up now! Limited space available
  • Questions, email or call 618-972-8595



Why are we not at Vetta this year?

Unfortunately Vetta Sports closed their O’Fallon location this year.

What is the flooring like/what shoes do we wear?

It is the turf that is like grass. Please wear cleats, but if you do not have cleats then tennis shoes are OK

How do I sign up with a friend?

After parents have registered their kids for the program, email with the grade and names of both the athletes.

Do we get to choose our practice days and times?

When you sign up to register, you are able to request your 1st and 2nd choice of training days. Usually first choice requests are filled however if a day is full by the time you sign up then we will assign you to your 2nd choice request. Scheduling is done on a first come first serve basis. As for time, the youngest kids practice first and then we progress through the night by age. This is the same for games.

How long are practices and games?

All practices are 50 minutes long. All games, regardless of the age group, will be a total of 40 minutes long. This will be divided into 20 minute halves with a short break in between. 

Can we enter our team?

Please call us to discuss this. Our goals are to have appropriate competition and to keep players safe. If the team being entered is a recreational team, they may be able to sign up for the program. If you are competitive then we will not allow it as we will protect the integrity of our league and players.

Why are there no standings?

We will keep score on the field but we do not post standings. The focus of this program is instruction and having fun. It is not about winning and losing.  At times we will switch players from team to team to keep the appropriate level of competition to make it fun for ALL players.



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