Soccer FAQs

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What if I Miss a Practice or Game?

No problem. You can make up the missed practice with another team in your age group. You can just show up.

How do We Sign-Up With Friends?

After you both have registered for the program, email

Can I Select Our Practice Days and Times?

When you sign up to register, you are able to request your 1st and 2nd choice of training days. Usually, first choice requests are filled however if a day is full by the time you sign up then we will assign you to your 2nd choice request. Scheduling is done on a first come first serve basis.

How Long are Practices and Games?

All practices are 50 minutes long. All games, regardless of the age group, will be a total of 40 minutes long. This will be divided into 20-minute halves with a shorts break in between.

Can I Enter a Team?

As long as the team being entered is a recreational team, they may join the program. To keep the teams equal, we may have to mix up the teams. The team and coach must enter into this training league for the right reasons: player development and appropriate competition. Standings are not kept. Please email if you feel your team is the right fit. 

What Training do Your Coaches Receive?

To ensure the best experience for our program participants, staff training is our top priority. Our ongoing staff education program is called The Elite Way! This program is designed to ensure our entire staff is engaged in identical training methods and philosophies. It creates a training style similar to the KNVB (coach’s education program in Holland). In our program, all coaches teach the same style, so regardless of which trainer is on the field, they are teaching The Elite Way!


What is Your Policy Regarding Children With Special Needs?

Children with special needs are always welcomed in our program. as long as we are equipped to assist them accordingly. Please contact your our Administrative Director for more information,


Do You Offer Private Training?

Yes. For times and locations, please visit our Private Sports Training page. 


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