Membership Options!

Individual & Family

You will have full access to the Elite FT Training Center & Gym and receive the full benefit of what Elite FT has to offer. Join in on our regular coaching hours, open gym,  receive nutritional counseling and surround yourself with a fun, friendly and motivating community. ($75 a month for first member;  $25 a month per additional family members)

*All of the following criteria must be met for additional family members:

  • Up to two adults
  • Dependent children 18 and under living in the same household
  • College students ages 19-23 if they are still residing with their parents
  • An additional non-dependent person living in the same residence may be added for an additional amount per month
  • Verification of residency is required

Sports Specific & Private Training

Work one-on-one with a certified Elite FT Strength Coach to meet your personal fitness goals with personalized training program and fitness consultations.

Individual Private training

  • 1 session: $50
  • 12 sessions: $540 (save $60)
  • 24 sessions: $960 (save $240)

Small Group Private training

  • 2-3 People
    • 1 session: $35/person
    • 12 sessions: $378/person (save $42 each)
    • 24 sessions: $672/person (save $168 each)
  • 4-6 People:
    • 1 session: $25/person
    • 12 sessions: $270/person (save $30 each)
    • 24 sessions: $480/person (save $120 each)

30 for 30

Do you bring your child to play soccer at The Sports Academy? Do you know we have a gym inside? Do you know we have the perfect workout for you? We can give you a fun and effective workout in less than 30 minutes.

This program offers a workout designed by our Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach. You will be done in less than 30 minutes, so you don’t miss kickoff.

These are full-body workouts that include cardio. We are a one stop shop! The workouts vary day to day, but with the same goals in mind: short, effective, and enjoyable!

Sign up for your 4-workout punch-card for $30 or 8 for $55.


Open Gym

Gain access to the Elite FT Training Center & Gym during any non-scheduled “Coach in Session” or team training hours, while The Sports Academy is open. Ages 16 and up only ($20 per Month)


Nutrition Counseling

This is included in your membership! You get full access to a certified nutrition coach via in person, email, or phone. We will meet with you and discuss your nutrition habits.

During this time we will:

  • Get a detailed history of your eating
  • Discuss preferences or allergies
  • Develop a good relationship with food
  • Educate you on the most recent scientific research
  • Slowly change the way you eat to set you up for long term success


Rent the Facility

Rent our facility and gym space for your own workouts and classes. We offer plenty of space for use of meetings, yoga, zumba, kick-boxing, and other group fitness classes. ($25 per hour)


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