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Our Elite FT Team Loves the Game and Loves Coaching.

To ensure the best experience for our program participants, staff training is our top priority. Our ongoing training program is called The Elite Way! This program is designed to ensure our entire staff is engaged in the identical training methods and philosophies. It creates a training style similar to the KNVB (coach’s education program in Holland). In our program, all coaches teach the same style, so regardless which trainer is on the field, they are teaching The Elite Way!

“My daughter just loves soccer so much and Erika has done a tremendous job helping her. The 1:1 was worth every cent and then some! She is absolutely loving camp!”

Marcy Bitner

“My daughter and I have enjoyed the [6 Week Program] on Wednesday night at 6:30. We look forward to continuing training and coming each week. Your staff and facility are wonderful!”

Kathy Smith

“Thank you for all that Elite FT does; not only teaching soccer skills but building self confidence. I am so glad as a parent that they are all such great leaders and teachers.”

Jenn Hagedorn

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