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As a kid, finding a welcoming place to work out can be impossible. Most gyms don’t allow members under 18, and if they do, fitness buffs-to-be end up exercising alongside mom or dad instead of with their friends. At Elite FT, our Youth Fitness classes were designed just for younger athletes who want age-appropriate training that’s fun and challenging. With our monthly Elite Membership program – priced at just $80– your child can attend unlimited kids fitness classes and receive 10% off advanced sports performance! For details on Memberships, click here.

Kids Fit, Ages 6-9

For our young athletes and children who are just looking for a kids fitness training program, our Kids Fit program is a great start! This program builds confidence, self-esteem, coordination, and balance. Our coaches teach kids about body mechanics (body control), running technique, and body weight movements in a FUN environment, but have them feeling like they worked HARD and leaving TIRED!

Sports Performance, Ages 10-12

Sports Performance helps pre-teen athletes build a passion for working out andtraining so they’ll make fitness a priority in their life whether they play sports or not. In addition to growing an athlete’s confidence, Elite FT turns our focus to perfecting and fine-tuning movements to prepare kids for our Advanced Sports Performance class as well as introducing them to weighted movements that increase their strength and endurance.

Sports Performance, Ages 13+

This class is designed for athletes 13 and older who want to stay fit and build power, agility and explosiveness for their sport. Our coaches will focus on safety and proper form, increasing endurance, and improving strength and speed. Over the course of the class, your child will find their passion for working out, and for those who want to continue playing competitive sports, the drive to pursue excellence on the field or court. This class is a precursor to our Advanced Sports Performance class, and athletes will be required to pass a test to move up to the next level.

Advanced Sports Performance, Ages 13+

Our Advanced Sports Performance class focuses on high-level speed, agility, power, and strength for serious athletes of any sport who intend to continue their playing career throughout high school and into college. Athletes will be introduced to Olympic lifting movements, participate in high-intensity agility drills, and perfect their plyometric movements. This class is ideal for teens who are serious about making fitness a regular part of their life. This class requires an evaluation with a coach before your athlete can start. 

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