Elite FT Training Center & Gym is a Glen Carbon based private gym. We are a gym that consists of Personalized Coaching Hours, Bootcamp classes and Members Only hours. To schedule a tour of our gym please email seth@eliteft.com or call (618)-972-8595.

There is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach at all Personalized Coaching Hours. During these hours, our coaches are there to ensure safety, provide information, coach you through personalized workouts, and guide you to your goals. Our goal is to ensure safety, get you to your goal, and have fun along the way.

This gym was created for anybody who wants to get stronger, more fit, or more athletic. We welcome all ages and activity levels! At Elite FT you can find everything a recreational exerciser or competitive athlete needs: barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, bumper plates, metal plates, bikes, rowers, ski-ergs, bands, squat racks, boxes, benches, sandbags, exercise balls, and medicine balls.

All training levels are welcome! Whether you are completely new to exercise or you have been doing it your whole life. We are a family friendly fitness environment. Elite FT will help you achieve your goals!


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