Glen Carbon Winter 1 Camps will resume the week of Jan 4th!!

Fairview Heights camps are still paused... we will schedule those dates as soon as The REC Complex of Fairview Heights allows 

We are still offering in-person, one-on-one Private Training with one of our Performance Coaches. 

Click HERE for information on our Private Training.  

As a former athlete and now a coach, I’ve realized how important it was to not only work on speed training but also learn the proper strengthening techniques to prevent injuries. This is a great program that allows athletes to learn the proper techniques of strength and includes fitness as well. The staff keep it fun as well as make the kids work hard. It’s an all in one program for any athlete. 
Jessica Bayne

Current Club Coach, University of Illinois All-Conference, Triad High School All-American and 4 time All-State

I started working with Crystal in order to improve my strength and fitness. She is a really great trainer and is able to help me build strength in the areas that I need to. She works with me when I am having pain in my knees or ankles and shows me workouts that will help with the pain. She isn’t afraid to correct my form and tell me when I am doing things wrong. I couldn’t ask for anything more; she is truly one of the best trainers I have worked with.

Calissa Strohbeen

Team Training

We train professional athletes, colleges, high schools and nearly every local club and recreational program!  We are disciplined, yet fun!  In our Strength ‘N Speed programs we offer strength, speed, and conditioning for every sport and we want to train your team!

Let your players hear a different voice! Your coaches can assist our trainers and learn or your coach can have a much needed night off and the team will be in trusted hands. Some coaches will have parent meetings or private player meetings during our sessions. Whatever you wish.

Elite FT currently trains 2 clubs, 2 colleges, 8 high schools and over 30 individual teams working with us. You can come to us or we can come to your home facility and train your athletes.

We can also customize your Team Training to what YOU as the coach would like your team as a whole to improve on!

Pricing (per player):

  • 1 session – $20
  • 6 sessions – $75
  • 12 sessions – $140
  • 18 sessions – $195
  • 24 sessions – $240

PRIVATE/SMALL Group Training

We offer 55 minute private and small group training sessions for teens of all fitness levels.

  • Are you an athlete looking for one on one training specific to your sport?  We can help you build confidence and technical ability.
  • Are you a teenager just trying to get fit, but do not want to join group classes?  We can help you get fit, build confidence, and start your fitness journey for life.
  • Do you have a friend you want to workout with but do not want group classes?  We can do group private training sessions so you can workout with only your friend(s).

We will tailor a strength/conditioning program specific to you

Number of athletes 1 session 6 sessions 12 sessions
One on One $60 $300 $540
2-3 Athletes $35 $180 $300
4-6 Athletes $25 $120 $210

For more information or questions, please contact Courtney Kendrick at

*Elite FT, Youth Fitness, and Annex members receive a 10% discount on private training.



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