Elite Sports Training

Elevate Your Workout, Excel on Gameday

Every sport is different, but the goal is the same – to demonstrate excellence from the second you step onto the field or court to the moment you hear the final whistle or buzzer sound. At Elite FT, our athlete-centered model and battle-tested coaching team help determined performers out rival their competitors during the in-season and maintain their athletic prowess in the off-season.

Advanced Sports Performance – Ages 13+

Strength training is just the foundation to building an elite athlete. It requires age-appropriate coaching, speed drills, agility progressions, stability training, and balance and coordination coaching – all of which drive every muscle – including the mind – to not only work harder, but better. Most important, Elite FT’s sports training is delivered with positivity and encouragement to inspire every athlete to achieve the incredible in every aspect of life. Elite FT offers advanced sports performance training for student athletes ages 13 and up in a variety of sports, including:

  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Field Hockey
  • Football
  • Lacrosse
  • Soccer
  • Softball

Advanced Technical Soccer Training – Ages 13+

The Elite FT Advanced Technical Training (ATT) program is for players craving more of a skill challenge to up their game.  The ATT program will meet any challenge and cater to those players looking play at the high school level and beyond.  More advanced and dynamic technical skills will be introduced to develop individual speed of play & thought. This program is offered year round on Tuesdays in Glen Carbon and periodically in various locations.

Private/Small Group Training – Ages 8+

Regardless of the sport, each position requires a certain skill set. Whether it’s the change of direction dexterity of a point guard, the speed of a running back or the lightning-fast reflexes of a goalkeeper, every athlete needs to elevate their strength and agility training regimen with sport-specific movement pattern coaching. Through one-on-one performance training customized around each player’s strengths and weaknesses, Elite FT coaches ensure athletes improve on specific goals and maximize their full potential.

Private training is available in Glen Carbon, O’Fallon and Columbia, Ill.

Pricing 1 session 6 sessions 12 sessions
One on One
2-3 Athletes
$35 each
$180 each
$324 each
4-6 Athletes
$120 each
$210 each

Team Training – All Ages

Elite FT offers innovative, sports-specific strength, speed and agility training for high school, collegiate and specialty teams looking to score a winning advantage, from the pre-season through the playoffs. Whether your focus is soccer, baseball, softball, basketball, lacrosse, or another sport, we build on what players learn each day in practice. Our training sessions incorporate professional-level, high-intensity interval training and conditioning to improve their functional movement, power and endurance while fueling the camaraderie that’s key to a unified, focused team.

Your team can come to us, or we’ll come to your home athlete training facility!


  • 1 session $20
  • 6 sessions $105
  • 8 sessions $140
  • 12 sessions $190
  • 18 sessions $275
  • 24 sessions $350


Over the past decade, Elite FT has become the performance trainer of choice for soccer clubs across the Metro East, but we also train other athletic clubs, like lacrosse and baseball. We tailor our coaching sessions to the specific needs of your team, helping players improve their core strength, speed and overall fitness. When each player raises their game, they elevate their squad, and in turn, set up your club for success when competing on both a local and national level.