After losing 100lbs over the past several years and working out at home, I was ready to try something new.  I was nervous to attend Functional Fitness classes because I wasn’t sure I would at the same fitness level as the others in the class.  The first class was inviting and everyone was very helpful!  Crystal was kind enough to set aside time to meet with me to go over some of the movements that I wasn’t comfortable with yet.  I have learned so much about form and technique from the coaches allowing me to push myself harder toward new goals. In the 3 months I’ve been attending, I have gained strength and increased my endurance.

The 5am Bootcamp classes have such a great atmosphere!  From day one, there has been a great feeling of camaraderie and support. I love the variety and intensity of the classes.  Each workout is challenging but energizing!  

Jennifer Beechler

Mom of 2

FREE 4 week at-home workout program

This 4 week at-home workout program is completely FREE!  It requires no special equipment, includes a workout specific warm-up along with strength and skill sessions each day.  Each day also has video demos from our staff of things that you may not know how to do.  These demos are listed below by day.

Click here for the pdf of the whole program!  Feel free to share this with your friends and family also!

Please contact our Program Director, Crystal Gedris, at if you have any questions or need any additional help!

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Introduction of this 4 week workout program from our Program Director

Day 1 Video

Day 2 Video

Day 3 Video

Day 4 Video

Day 5 Video

Day 6 Video

Day 7 Video

Day 8 Video

Day 9 Video

Day 10 Video

Day 11 Video

Day 12 Video

Day 13 Video

Day 14 Video

Day 15 Video

Day 16 Video

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Functional Fitness

Functional fitness is constantly varied training to prepare the body for real life movements and activities, such as squatting, reaching, pulling, and lifting.

With functional fitness the things you do in your daily life such as squatting to pick something up, lifting a child, reaching for items on a top shelf, etc. will become easier. 

A functional fitness membership also gives you access to the gym during Members Only hours.

Before starting classes it is mandatory for each person to meet with our Program Director for “Foundations,” which is three one-hour sessions to review the movements performed in classes.  This is an additional one time fee of $60; however, experienced athletes can opt out.

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Boot Camp

Boot camp is a group exercise class that mixes traditional calisthenic and body-weight exercises with interval training and strength training. These boot camp classes are used to promote weight loss, build muscle, improve conditioning, and develop a camaraderie with fellow gym members.

Our Boot camp classes include “Body Blast”, “Sweat”, and “Circuit Training.”

  • “Body Blast” is a fun group workout for all fitness levels. We will be paying special attention to your glutes and abs. You can expect a moderately paced and full body workout.
  • “Sweat” is centered around cardio with body-weight movements. You will work up a sweat in a fun and competitive group setting. This class is for all fitness levels.
  • “Circuit Training” consists of 6-8 stations that you will rotate through.  It is a combination of cardio, ab work, and dumbbell work. 

A Boot Camp membership also gives you access to the gym during Members Only hours.

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Team/Small Group/Personal Training

We offer Team, Small Group, and One-on-One Personal Training for any fitness level!

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