Meet Our Team

Our Annex Team Loves Coaching athletes of all ages!

To ensure the best experience for our program participants, staff training is our top priority. Our training program is called The Annex Way! This program is designed to ensure our staff is engaged in identical training methods and philosophies.

Justin McMillian


Hometown: Granite City

High School: Granite City High School

College: Souther Illinois University Edwardsville; Western Illinois

Sports: Soccer

Bio: Justin is a loving husband and soon to be father.  He has always played and had a passion for soccer.  He attended SIUE and fulfilled his childhood dreams of becoming an All-American, leading his team to the Final Four and eventually playing professionally.  While training for the pros, McMillian began coaching club soccer and individually training athletes. As word spread, McMillian soon became overwhelmed and hired more trainers and Elite FT was born and it became not only about individual training, but team training and camps.  Eventually Justin’s focus switched from just soccer training to adding speed programs and fitness training.  In 2010, McMillian became the General Manager of the indoor facility in Glen Carbon, The Sports Academy where he opened CrossFit 618 in 2013 with two friends, Jesse and Casey Elmore. After 2 years, CrossFit 618 closed and McMillian opened the Elite FT Training Center & Gym, on November 1st, 2014. In 2019 the gym name was changed to The Annex powered by Elite FT.  Justin can be found working out in the gym a few times a week and helps with training the members and athletes.  Justin also operates another gym in South Roxana called The Complex powered by Elite FT.  His passion for training athletes in all aspects of sport, has created a company that offers it all.

Crystal Gedris


Hometown: O’Fallon, IL

High School: O’Fallon Township High School

College: St. Louis College of Pharmacy

Sports: Soccer, cross country

Bio:  Crystal is a proud mother of 2, a wife, a pharmacist, and has a passion for coaching and helping others. She played soccer most of her childhood through high school and ran Cross Country in high school and college. A soccer injury put her on the sidelines her senior year of high school, which led her to focusing more on running and studying. After college she coached youth parks and recreation soccer and club soccer for four years. As much as she loved coaching her favorite sport, she took a step back to start a family, but quickly realized she needed something to keep her busy and active. She started CrossFit (ironically at CrossFit 618, which is now The Annex).  Through CrossFit Crystal did things she never would have imagined doing. After seeing what nutrition and fitness combined did for her health, Crystal realized maybe it was time to share this with others, which led her back to taking the title of coach again. In 2016 she began coaching at a local CrossFit gym and in 2017 she also earned her NASM CPT certification. Crystal can be found at The Annex almost every day of the week working out and/or training adults, kids, or teens through functional fitness, boot camp, sports performance, and personal training. For Crystal it is the greatest feeling in the world to see an athlete’s face when they finally do something they have been struggling with for weeks, months or years and to know she helped them do what they once thought was impossible. Her favorite quote is, “Today I will do what others won’t so tomorrow I can do what others can’t.”


CrossFit Level 2 trainer certification (2017)
CrossFit Kids trainer certification (2016)
CrossFit specialty course – Rowing, Gymnastics, Sports Specific Application (2017)
NASM Certified Personal Trainer (2017)
Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certification (2019)

Courtney Kendrick


Hometown: Jonesboro, IL

High School: Anna Jonesboro Community High School

College: University of Southern Mississippi; Southern Illinois Univeristy Edwardsville

Sports: Soccer, lacrosse

Bio:  Born in Southern Illinois, Courtney Kendrick attended the University of Southern Mississippi where she earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science with a double minor in Spanish and Psychology. While in college, Courtney excelled as an attacker for the Southern Miss Women’s Lacrosse team from 2014-2018. Courtney has coached soccer in her spare time since graduating high school. Her prior fitness experience started at Anatomies Gym in Hattiesburg, MS where she then went to Only The Elite in Schertz, TX where her internship turned into a job. Now Courtney is pursuing her Master at SIUE in Exercise and Sport Psychology.  She can be found in the gym 2 to 3 days a week working out and/or coaching adults, kids, teens, and athletes.  With her experience, Courtney’s primary roll is to write programs for our athletes in our Sports Performance program.

Laura Cell


Hometown: Granite City

High School: Granite City High School

College: Southwestern Illinois College

Sports: Soccer, cheerleading, diving

Bio: Laura is a busy wife and a mom to 3 boys. She has been an athlete for most of her life, growing up playing competitive soccer, cheerleading, and diving. Playing sports and being active was always a part of her life. In 2003 she started a family and devoted her time to taking care of everyone except herself, resulting in a 45lb weight gain, feeling exhausted and not feeling like herself. One day she was inspired by a woman jogging down the street with her stroller. She decided at that point she was going to be one of those “fit moms.” The next day she started jogging and worked her way up to several miles a week. Then while on a treadmill at the local gym a trainer asked her to come try a boot camp class. The rest is history. She fell in love with weight training and group workouts. In 2014 she earned a Personal Training Certificate, and began instructing boot camps, personal training, and training young athletes. She has competed in several CrossFit and body building bikini competitions, which she never thought would have been possible 10 years ago. Now, Laura spends her spare time at The Annex working out and/or training kids, teens, and adults through functional fitness, boot camp, personal training, and sports performance. With her years of experience, Laura is the perfect addition to our team as the Boot Camp Director and writes all of our boot camp programming.  She loves helping others see their full potential and stepping outside of their comfort zone to get out there and try something new.


NESTA Certified Personal Trainer (2014)

Eric Linck


Hometown: St. Peters, MO

High School: 

College: Lindenwood University

Sports: Soccer, wrestling, olympic weightlifting

Bio: Eric has always grown up playing sports, which included wrestling and soccer in high school. Through being an athlete in high school he was in the gym all of the time. Eric now goes to Lindenwood University in St. Charles and competes on the Olympic Weightlifting team there. Over the past year Eric has competed at the national level, lifting in both Junior and Under 25 National Championships, where he was on the national champion men’s team for the university level. Eric loves being under the barbell and anything to do with lifting heavy weight.  Eric coaches all classes at The Annex, but he especially loves working with our athletes on Olympic Lifts.

Jarod McMillian


Hometown: Granite City, IL

High School: Granite City High School

College: Southwestern Illinois College

Sports: Soccer

Bio: Jarod is a loving husband and father of 2 wonderful daughters. He has always had a passion for playing soccer and enjoys coaching youth soccer. He started his own fitness journey at CrossFit 618 and fell in love with CrossFit. After CrossFit 618 closed in 2014, the gym was renamed Elite FT Training Center and Gym where Jarod continued his training.  He is now coaching in this gym, which is now The Annex. Jarod can be found almost every day of the week in the gym working out and one day a week coaching. His experience and passion for fitness has been a great asset to our coaching team.