All participants for any program at The Annex must complete our new Annex Participant Waiver. This waiver includes a Communicable Disease release form and is REQUIRED to complete prior to any in-person session.



Safety is ALWAYS first with The Annex!

  • Coaches will always wear masks
  • All gym members enter through the front door of The Sports Academy
  • Hand sanitizer is located in the gym and on tables as you enter The Sports Academy, on the table as you enter The Sports Academy – we ask all participants wash their hands or use hand sanitizer before entering the gym.
  • We ask that all personal items (bags) are kept in vehicles and only necessary items brought into the gym
  • We do allow equipment to be shared during classes; however, if someone is uncomfortable with this we may accommodations for them to have their own equipment during class
  • We ask that all members maintain a social distance of 6 feet as much as possible during class
  • We do not have a public chalk bucket, but we do allow members to bring their own in a small, sealable container, not to be shared with anyone else
  • ALL members MUST clean ALL of the equipment they use BEFORE putting it away
  • We ask that members do not stand around in groups and talk – they may go outside and social distance and talk there
  • High 5s, handshakes and fistbumps are not allowed to or from coaches and participants
  • Kids are allowed to come to the gym with parents; however, babies must be in a stroller and older kids either need to be sitting at the tables under the play house in the main lobby.  Children will NOT be allowed to roam around the facility or the gym